Why These Places Use Homogeneous PVC Floor

This is a new type of floor material that originated from Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea 20 years ago and then entered the Chinese market. This floor is environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, waterproof, non-slip, silent, and elastic. So now many hospitals, schools, offices, businesses, hotels, and other places are in use. Today Haoflor recommends this upgraded version of the floor: homogeneous PVC floor.

homogeneous PVC floor

What is PVC floor?

Homogeneous PVC floor has a wear resistance rating of Grade T. Floors with this structure are recognized as the most durable and environmentally-friendly art flooring among elastic flooring in the world. There are hundreds of fashionable designs and colors. All are designed by European designers. Product specifications: 2.0mm×2m×20m. This is an alternative to the homogeneous PVC floor. It is most cost-effective by imported foreign brands. The color is simple and elegant. The homogeneous structure is durable, soft material, easy to install. Besides, it has excellent wear resistance and stain resistance. In addition, the resistance to cigarette butts is better than that of multi-layer composite PVC flooring: due to the stone powder, the floor’s surface has better scalding resistance. When the surface has scald marks, it can be eliminated by sanding.

homogeneous PVC floors

Why PVC flooring?

The overall design of the floor is fashionable and avant-garde. With embedded broken flowers, the colorful colored granules have a large variety of colors. They can meet the aesthetic and use requirements of different designers and customers at the same time. It is a real environmentally friendly art floor. The floor has a non-slip function, which perfectly combines beauty and practicality. All PVC used in the production process is a brand new raw material to ensure that it is environmentally friendly and healthy. Due to the homogenous and transparent structure, the wear-resistant life is generally longer than that of multi-layer composite PVC flooring. According to the classification of EN685, it is especially suitable for environments with high flow rates and clean systems such as medical and health, education, office, nursing homes, and clean factories.

homogeneous PVC flooring

Characteristics of homogeneous PVC floor

1. Lightweight and thin, it is a lightweight building material, which can greatly reduce the load-bearing capacity of the floor.

2. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless, and non-radioactive.

3. Wear-resistant. Because the whole body is of the same pattern and material, the floor with this structure is recognized as the most durable among the elastic floor materials.

4. Non-slip PVC material, strong slip resistance, astringent when exposed to water can relieve the worries of the elderly and children.

5. Moisture-proof, anti-mildew and antibacterial, and will not deform when exposed to water.

6. Sound absorption and noise reduction, PVC floor material produces no noise and eliminates the noise between floors.

7. Comfortable walking, good foot feeling, soft and refreshing, PVC floor can absorb impact, relieve knee fatigue, and provide a more comfortable foot feeling.

8. Because the whole body is of the same pattern and material, it has strong resistance to scratches and cigarette butts burns.

9. A variety of colors to choose from. The colors are gorgeous, natural, and lifelike.

10. High safety, good chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, insulation, flame retardant.

11. The paving construction is convenient and quick, and the installation period is short.

12. Strong anti-fouling, easy to clean, simple post-maintenance, no special care required.

13. It can have excellent anti-static performance.

14. Use a special welding rod, beautiful and seamless welding, excellent waterproof performance.

15. Thermal insulation can be seamless because it is a better energy-saving product than a carpet or wooden floor.

16. Dimensional stability: temperature and humidity have little effect on dimensional changes.