What’s The Good Material for Container Flooring?

The container manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. From the initial container used to load goods, because of its convenience and reusability in the later period, many and many construction sites also began to be used as offices, and then expanded to gyms, houses and hotels. This greatly drives the demand of container for decoration, especially for flooring. So what is good for container ground decoration?

container flooring

container floor homogeneous flooring

homogeneous vinyl flooring container floor

Basic requirements of container flooring

The basic requirements of container flooring are WEAR RESISTANCE, HEAVY PRESSURE RESISTANCE, and EASY CLEANING.Here we recommend our homogeneous vinyl sheet floor U-SHINE series,It is vinyl floor,a solid sheet that is rolled out and glued directly to the container floor. Its total thickness and wear-resistant layer thickness are 2mm, with high wear-resistant, anti-skid and anti pollution ability, to meet the customer’s demand for clean economy, it can be used for ten years. The floor is fireproof, waterproof, and can last as long as new.

Our homogeneous vinyl flooring uses the PUR technology.What’s the PUR technology? First let’s learn something about the PU technology.

PU Technology

PU is polyurethane surface treatment. Because the floor is composed of PVC, fillers and plasticizers, there are many pores on the surface, which are hard to see by naked eyes. Therefore, the surface is sealed with polyurethane and the pores are blocked to prevent the penetration of dirty objects into the floor. But this is limited to surface treatment. After the surface layer is worn, the PU treatment effect disappears.

PUR Technology

PUR is a polyurethane deep-strengthening treatment. The calendering process is used to penetrate the entire thickness of the floor, so that even if it is constantly worn, its dirt is difficult to penetrate. This technology is commonly used in European manufacturers of high-grade homogeneous flooring.

Using PUR technology, the floor does not need additional waxing protection before or after installation. After polishing according to the use situation, it is completely new. The superior performance of this classic product can be tested by time. Its quality is spoken highly by customers.

In addition to the above advantages of using PVC flooring for containers, it is also a lightweight material, which reduces the load bearing of the container.

If the container is used to transport precision electronic instruments and needs special requirements of anti-static, anti-static conductive homogeneous flooring is available.

U-SHINE homogeneous vinyl floor for container

Here application cases of the containers:

(A masterpiece by foreign architects Sandro Ramishvili and Irakli Eristav: On the snow-capped mountains, the hotels built by containers so dreamlike).