What is Self-leveling Flatness of Vinyl Floor Installation

People often mention the self-leveling flatness in the installation of plastic vinyl flooring. What is self-leveling? What are its benefits for vinyl flooring installation?

The benefits of self-leveling flatness

We talk about the self-leveling in the installation of the plastic vinyl flooring. Workers use it to ensure the ground flatness requirements (within the 2m ruler, the drop greater than 2mm) base construction. If the flatness is not enough, stick the plastic vinyl flooring directly, the vinyl flooring will be uneven. Therefore, when the flatness of the ground is weak, self-leveling cement will be used to level the ground first.

The use of self-leveling

Self-leveling cement is a dry-mixed powdery material composed of a variety of active ingredients. It has a wide range of uses. We use it in industrial plants, workshops, storage, retail stores, exhibition halls, stadiums, hospitals, various open spaces, offices, etc. For homes, villas, small cozy spaces, etc., it can be used as a decorative surface layer or as a wear-resistant base layer. The self-leveling mentioned in the installation of the plastic vinyl floor is a kind of grassroots, mainly for leveling.

After mixing the self-leveling with water into a liquid state, pour it on the ground, and open the self-leveling target with a toothed target, and then it can be leveled naturally. After completion, you can get a very flat base. The base layer of elastic floors, such as the vinyl flooring and linen floor, we all level it by this method.

installation of vinyl flooring

The plastic floor, especially the large piece of roll material, is self-leveling, or the base level is in place. The overall feeling will be particularly useful. In the small area, no dents, protrusions, etc. exists after a long time. And it will always give people a good feeling during long-term use.

The use of self-leveling function of the plastic floor can ensure flatness. Sometimes, the installation of vinyl flooring does not necessarily have to be self-leveling; it must be flatness that is the same as or close to “self-leveling”.

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