What is Conductive ESD Flooring

In factories and industries, such a major discharge can create threatening situations. Thus, conductive ESD flooring will safeguard you against such threats. ESD Conductive flooring prevents the flow of static electricity to pass on the equipment and people in the area.

Polymer material are prone to static charge. It happens in the form of friction that develops when people walk. If the static energy starts building, there is a higher threat of electrostatic discharge.

What Is Conductive Flooring?

As mentioned above, due to the formation of static energy in areas, there is a need for flooring. This is because, it offers a grounded flooring surface. These are not entirely, but slightly conductive. The resistance found in conductive floors is below 1 million ohm.

You can promote charge dissipation and limit charge generation by choosing a conductive flooring will help you. This flooring include a copper strip that links the floor with the ground via a grounded connection like a wall outlet.

conductive ESD flooring

Where is ESD Conductive Flooring Used?

The ESD conductive flooring has excellent resistance against static energy discharge. This is why they are used in various commercial spaces. Usually, the spaces having a high volume of electronic devices use ESD conductive flooring. Moreover, the spaces with potential volume of regular traffic also use this flooring. So, here are examples of some of the places, where you might find these floors.

Medical institutes like hospitals and pathology labs where the use of flammable chemicals like anesthetics is common.
Highly sensitive units in manufacturing factories having a sensitive computer and electronic machines. These can be the line of production or test areas.

The flooring is found in hygienic areas that possess some delicate or risky equipment.
In the telecommunication centers having sensitive installations.
The areas in medical institutes where diagnostic tools, instruments, and machines are kept.

Benefits of Conductive ESD Flooring

Conductive flooring is used for their exclusive utility and sturdiness. Despite offering resistance towards static electricity discharge, this flooring is presentable under formal settings. Also, you can get a substantial warranty on its wear and electrical utility.  There are multiple benefits of conductive flooring as mentioned below:

Ease at Installation

Based on the scientific approach, these floorings are easy to handle. You can get them installed without any hassle. You don’t have to put any adhesives or apply techniques like padding for installing it. The process is quick and cost-effective.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

ESD floors are quite handy when it comes to maintenance. You don’t have to buy expensive cleaning products to clean the floor. Hence, a neutral cleanser would be fine. Ease wiping through your common mopping stick will complete the task.

Stain Resistant

Various conductive ESD flooring are durable as well as they are stain-resistant. It works accurately against acids, oils, and other staining materials.


The conductive ESD floors are manufactured using eco-friendly products. That is to say, the process and practices are environmentally safe too. You can opt for a supplier who guarantees the use of safe materials. This will ensure a limited carbon footprint.

Hence, conductive ESD flooring is highly beneficial and must be used in places prone to the generation of static energy. Moreover, conductive property of ESD floors will help you mitigate major threats. For instance, heat dissipation and more. Thus, this flooring is anti-corrosive and hence protect your environment.