Vinyl Flooring Rolls – Discover the Characteristics

Talking about vinyl flooring rolls years ago, we must not forget that it is a material that was used in the 50s. However, this has changed a lot over the past decade, including the opinions of many consumers.

Currently, vinyl flooring rolls present, on the one hand, the possibility of choosing any design that we are looking for from wood to stone, something previously unthinkable.

On the other hand, high-quality materials suitable not only for the most humid rooms in the house such as the kitchen and bathroom. It is also for areas with high traffic of people such as shopping centers. As if this were not enough, also today’s vinyl floors rolls are incredibly easy to install. Anyone can do it even without investing in specific machinery or tools.

Suitable for any environment or decorative style:

Regardless of the style with which you have decorated your house, whether minimalist or rustic, it will be very easy for you to find. They are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs of different materials.

It would be very easy to have a wood look kitchen floor, with really amazing detail, using slats or vinyl tile. This would also be an option that would repel water.

The duration of Vinyl Flooring:

They are resistant to shocks, scratches, stains, liquid splashes, and even the wear caused by areas with a lot of traffic. Vinyl floors will stay in very good condition for years, we could even say that for decades.

This outer layer usually covers with urethane, which is a material that offers this resistance and maintains the shine and color of the vinyl tile. We can find other types covered with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These PVC floors offer less resistance, and the dirt and scratches that occur will be more easily seen. Therefore, these would be of lower quality.

The formats of Vinyl Flooring:

As for the design, the only relevant thing is not the drawing, the format and size of each of the tiles and slats also matter, and how it can combine, in case they allow it, to achieve more complex designs.

There are different options:

vinyl flooring roll

Vinyl Flooring Rolls:

It is the most basic and economical way in which we can buy vinyl flooring rolls. These come in rolls of several meters. The installation, when done by an expert, is very fast. However, if the person doing the installation is not using to handling pieces of several meters in length, it can become extremely cumbersome. It is ideal for large rooms where little or no adjustment or cutting is necessary.

In the form of tiles or slats:

Although its use is not yet as widespread as that of the previous format, the sale of vinyl tile floors is growing strongly. Although the installation is not as fast, the ease of installation thanks to the size of the parts and the click systems greatly simplify the task.

The installation would be like that of a laminate floor. Normally the dimensions of each tile or slat will depend on the size with which we can find the design that it is imitating.

There are two ways of installation, stickers, and anchorage or click system. Normally, roll vinyl is adhesive, while the tile is available in both ways.