The floor of the operating room

should consider anti-bacterial and anti-static

The operating room floor plays an important role in the sterility and anti-static requirements of the operating room environment. The primary consideration for the selection of the operating room floor is anti-bacterial and anti-static.

operating room with vinyl flooring

For the antibacterial floor of the hundred-level laminar flow operating room, the plastic floor (PVC vinyl flooring) is selected, the Titan Vinyl brand homogeneous floor. The 100-level laminar flow operating room is also an immaculate operating room. The floor of the operating room selected also has the highest requirements in terms of hygiene and antibacterial. The floor itself must be dust-free and not absorb/attach dust to achieve the effect of inhibiting the spread of bacteria. In terms of cleanliness, it should also have the performance of easy cleaning and maintenance and the characteristics of durability to maintain the efficient use of the operating room.

The floor of the thousand-level laminar flow operating room should also use polished terrazzo, which maintains a high level of floor hygiene in the operating room and maintains the hygienic environment in the operating room.

Anti-static is also an important factor to consider for the floor of the operating room. If the anti-static is not done well, not only will there be various electrostatic damages, but also it may contaminate dust and bacteria in the operating room due to electrostatic adsorption. The static electricity hazard in the operating room entered people’s eyes with the electrostatic explosion as the main content. With the improvement of related agents, the content of the static electricity hazard in the operating room has changed. At present, the static electricity hazards in the operating room can be summarized as follows: The interference of sound, light, and heat caused by static electricity, electromagnetic radiation caused by static electricity, the destruction of static electricity to surgical equipment, and the destruction of static electricity to the antibacterial ability of the operating room.

The 100-level laminar flow operating room adopts the PVC homogeneous vinyl floor because the anti-static vinyl floor has the most durable and stable anti-static effect, which can guarantee the safety and reliability of the operating room in two aspects.
Because of the protective effect of anti-static flooring on electronic equipment, it is also necessary to use anti-static flooring in ICU wards.

Haoflor anti-static operating room floor:


haoflor anti-static operating room floor

The Titan Vinyl anti-static vinyl flooring electonic resistance test: