The Application of Vinyl Flooring in Elevators

In recent years, elevator safety problems have occurred frequently. Some old elevators that have been invested for a long time, still have problems of high failure rate although they are qualified in regular inspection.

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Regarding the safety of the elevator, one of the links is that excessive decoration causes the elevator to be overweight, and to ensure the safety of the elevator, the first thing is to choose light-weight fireproof materials. The floor of the elevator should be the lightweight PVC floor. In fact, the elevator is also installed with PVC flooring when it leaves the factory, but the quality is not very good.

The elevator floor plays an important role in elevator safety. Many property companies purchased marbles when they upgraded the elevator floor, thinking that they are high-grade and durable. Some property companies installed ceramic tiles to save cost. They all think that stone and tile are durable, and they do not know that hard materials are not resistant to impact and heavy pressure, especially in the elevator space. It has been proved that many elevators with marble and ceramic tiles are found to have broken ground materials after half a year of use, especially in residential buildings.

One elevator uses marble containing cement which weighs more than 150 kg. In case of emergency, the energy of the elevator when it contacts the buffer device is very large. In addition, the floor of more than 150 kg needs to be equipped with more than 150 kg counterweight, which adds up to 300 kg. This part of the weight combined with the current situation of more old elevators, elevator maintenance and vicious competition environment, the elevator safety risk is very large.

The elevator floor should be made of light weight homogeneous PVC floor with thickness of 2mm and weight of about 3kg / m2. One elevator with auxiliary materials, some of which may be equipped with fire-proof board, with weight of about 20kg at most, which greatly reduces the additional weight of the elevator, and the direct benefit is energy saving.The elevator uses a lightweight PVC floor, which can carry two more passengers per trip, improving the efficiency of the elevator. The elevator floor itself has a pattern, if you want to reach the height, you can also make some parquet, the effect is comparable to marble.

Other advantages of using homogeneous flooring in the elevator: fast installation, the construction time is about 1h, which is basically out-of-the-box, and has no great influence on the use of elevators. Wear – resistant and durable at the same time, also has the characteristics of soft pressure, the floor renovation project is simple and fast. Usually high quality PVC flooring, factory provides 10 years or more of quality assurance.

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