Our standard and most popular homogeneous vinyl flooring size in the market is width 2m, length 20m, and thickness 2mm. Many people ask if suppliers have the thicker type, like 2.5mm or 3.0mm, or much thicker, like 4.0mm. I ask why. They think the thicker the homogeneous flooring, the longer the flooring’s service life, and it seems the thicker type has a more stable quality.
In fact, there is no necessary relationship between the service life of the homogeneous flooring and its thickness.

Thickness of ESD vinyl tiles

Homogeneous flooring is a type of PVC floor. Its structure is made of the same material from the surface to the bottom, considered an extra-thick wear layer, layer of thickness 2mm. Generally, the wear-resistant layer can be used longer, and the flooring’s service life will be longer. Even if the surface is worn or scratched, the pattern will not change and is easy to maintain.

( Article of Scratch Repair Process of Homogeneous Vinyl Floor.)

Structure of Homogeneous flooring

We should judge the specific service life of homogeneous vinyl flooring according to its actual application in the natural environment: installation(paving process) and application areas.

1. Installation (Paving process)

Many consumers do not pay attention to the quality of construction, and many merchants and construction teams do not pay attention to it either. They simply do the work.
There is a saying in this field that for a ten-point-perfect project, 7 points are by the construction, and 3 points are by the product. The quality of the construction is the key to the overall effect after the homogeneous flooring is paved.

For example, the self-leveling construction step. Many customers are unwilling to carry out self-leveling and leveling to save costs and require laying directly on the original ground. Self-leveling must be done strictly with the construction process; otherwise, the homogeneous flooring will be prone to uneven effects, bulge, and blister after paving.

Another example is in some projects where the team is trying to shorten the installation time. The pre-laying time is not enough, resulting in the stress on the homogeneous flooring not being released completely, which may cause cracking in the later stage of the flooring and shorten its life.

That’s why we always recommend that a professional construction team who is very responsive do installation work.

Installation video as reference: https://youtu.be/k87q_4mHCZg

2. Application areas

First of all, the most influential factor is the flow of people in busy, high-traffic areas. The greater the flow of people, the faster the wear and the shorter the service life. Here is an example to help you understand: in hospital projects, the homogeneous vinyl flooring used in the hospital lobby wears faster than the homogeneous flooring in the laboratory and ward areas.
Correspondingly, if used in a warehouse, the aisle where there are often forklifts will wear faster than the storage area, and the service life will be shorter.

Generally, the service life of homogeneous flooring can reach 8 or 10 years or more with qualified products, professional construction work, and subsequent maintenance.