Scratch Repair Process of Scratched Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Recently, a customer asked Linda how to repair the scratch on the PVC vinyl floor(homogeneous vinyl flooring)?

scratched vinyl floor

In the project, due to cross construction and other reasons, it is widespread that the surface of the just-laid PVC homogeneous permeable floor is scratched. Even if it is a slight scratch, it may be a lot of trouble for acceptance. In daily use, sharp objects will also produce scratches.

So how to repair the homogeneous core floor after scratches? Linda consulted the installers and summarized the following suggestions:

A. Grinding Repair Process

  • Choose appropriate cleaning products and processes to clean the floor surface thoroughly.
  • Choose suitable special grinding discs and grind at low speed. Avoid high-speed grinding. Once the floor is rubbed and generates a high temperature, it will be scrapped directly.
  • We must spray the grinding process with a suitable coolant to prevent high temperatures.
  • The sewage needs to be cleaned up in time during the grinding process. If the sewage stays on the floor surface for too long, it may cause irreversible pollution.
  • After grinding, a water-based polyurethane coating must be applied to the floor surface.

B. Heat treatment of using a welding gun to fix the scratched homogeneous vinyl flooring

To repair minor scratches, you can also use a hot air gun (for welding wires/welding rods) to adjust the temperature to 300-400℃ and bake the scratched parts until the scratches disappear. The main principle: PVC can fill the pits by heat shrinkage. Note: The temperature should not be too high. Adjust the temperature according to the severity of the scratch, and it can avoid scorching a large area of the homogeneous vinyl floor.

Comparison pictures before and after repair:

repaired vinyl flooring

Daily maintenance cleaning pictures:

Daily maintenance cleaning picture

A high-quality homogeneous vinyl floor will be easier to grind and repair!

Should you have any requirements for the vinyl flooring, don’t hesitate to contact us, or leave us a message, we will do our best to provide solutions accordingly.