With the continuous development of the flooring industry, in addition to the most traditional wooden flooring, there are many new types of flooring on the market, including rubber floor and vinyl flooring, which are relatively similar. Sometimes consumers mistakenly think they are the same. There is still a big difference between them.

Rubber floor and PVC vinyl flooring

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PVC vinyl flooring is mainly a new type of floor made of polyvinyl chloride as the primary raw material. In contrast, rubber floor is a new type of floor product made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber. Both of them have many advantages.

The completely different material composition determines its production process is also different.

Design and Colours

Because rubber has strong colour absorption properties, it isn’t easy to colour the rubber floor during the production process. Most finished rubber floors have a single colour, providing consumers with fewer choices, but the colours are bright; PVC vinyl floorings have rich colours. Designers can combine the colours arbitrarily, providing more options.

Rubber floor and PVC vinyl flooring


Common sizes of rubber floors:

Tiles: 500×500mm, 600×600mm, 1000×1000mm

Sheets: 1220×15000mm, 1920×15000mm

Thickness: 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm 3.5mm

Common sizes of homogeneous PVC vinyl flooring:

Sheets: 2m*20m,

Thickness: 2mm

Rubber floor and PVC vinyl flooring


The PVC vinyl flooring on the market is not expensive because of the rich raw materials, but the rubber floor, especially made of natural rubber, is affected by various factors such as raw materials and processes. The price is much higher than that of the PVC vinyl flooring.

Market demand

Because the rubber floor price is very high, people generally only use it in relatively high-end places, so the scope of use is very narrow. At present, domestic rubber floor is mainly used in transportation and senior nursing homes. The cost performance of PVC vinyl floors is very high, and the scope of use is broad, so PVC vinyl flooring has more market potential than rubber floors. PVC vinyl floor is suitable for schools, hospitals, commerce, stadiums, office buildings, industrial places, transportation, etc.

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