How to Remove the Vinyl Flooring

Made from polyvinyl chloride synthetic materials, Vinyl flooring has the characteristics Of an environment-friendly, affordable, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, variety of colors and finishes, having a cushioned support, thermal and acoustic insulators, resistance, and easy cleaning, etc. Because of these characteristics, commercial vinyl flooring is widely using in almost all sectors. But how to effectively remove the floor is a problem that many users care about it. Read on to know how you can remove vinyl flooring by yourself.

1. Tool & Materials

● Work gloves
● Hammer
● Pry Bar
● Trim Puller
● Floor Scraper
● Knife
● Heat Gun

2. Begin to remove

Step 1. Assess Flooring

Measure the area of the site where a new vinyl floor needs to install.

Step 2. Clear the area

The most crucial step in removing the vinyl flooring is to clear the area. Put on your work gloves, and take out all the furniture from the room to have unrestricted access to the room.

Step 3. Remove baseboards and transitions

Baseboards usually cover the edges of the flooring. Hence to remove the vinyl flooring, you will need to use the hammer and trim puller (or pry bar) to remove the baseboards first.

remove baseboards and transitions

Step 4. Start in the middle

Use the knife to cut out a corner of any shape or cut the floor into vertical strips of the same width. Typically the middle of the vinyl flooring is not glued down totally, so removing vinyl plank or tile from the center will be easier. Pull up a corner of vinyl flooring first and scroll back. If you face any resistance from the adhesive, slip a scraper under it to lift.

Step 5. Remove adhesives and residue

After removing the vinyl flooring, there is some adhesive left on the subfloor. Use a warm water and soap mixture, evenly spread on the glue, soak the glue to make it soft, then use the floor scraper to remove the glue. If this method does not work, hold the heat gun over the glue until it softens, and then remove it.

remove adhesives and residue

Step 6. Clean area

The only thing missing to finish removing the Vinyl Flooring is to use a vacuum or a broom to remove the rest of the dirt and debris collected.


● You must be careful of using the heat gun, keep the heat gun far from flammable materials and wear your gloves.

● If the floor you need to remove is in a large area, a floor scraper machine should be easier and quicker.

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