What Is Good for College Floors and University Floors?

In the past, college floors university flooring often use the ordinary tiles. Since you can see ceramic tiles everywhere, people subconsciously think that ceramic tiles are the best floor decoration materials, wear-resistant and durable. In fact, the comprehensive cost (cost of materials, construction, and maintenance) of PVC flooring homogeneous vinyl flooring in colleges and higher vocational colleges is the best ground decoration material.

The application of PVC flooring

PVC flooring has been widely used in developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and other countries. In Japan, PVC Vinyl flooring is designed as a special material for post-disaster reconstruction due to its lightweight and comfort characteristics. The characteristics of PVC floor are wear resistance, durability, lightweight, non-slipand so on. It has gradually been widely used by education systems such as major, medium, and small campuses in China. Especially in large cities, the utilization rate is extremely high.

The feature of PVC floor

1. PVC floor is conducive to the improvement of indoor air quality. The high-quality PVC floor has almost zero VOC emissions. The use of DOTP plasticizer (also applicable to children’s toys and food contact product standards) provides a healthy and safe school environment.
2. The sound-absorbing properties of PVC floor are fully reflected in the comfort of the soles and noise reduction.
3. Excellent sensory performance. Through the design, the mosaic and color of the PVC floor can make the environment lively and improve students’ learning atmosphere.
4. Environmental protection of PVC floor materials. The waxing-free practicability of PVC flooring reduces cleaning agents’ use, and the use process helps environmental protection. Also, the PVC floor is 100% recyclable.

As an important school building material, safety and environmental protection are particularly important for the choice of floor materials. At present, the quality of PVC flooring products is uneven. There are various fake and inferior products that counterfeit imported PVC flooring brands. When purchasing school flooring, you need to pay attention to PVC flooring quality in the following aspects: plasticizer, fire resistance level, VOC emission, wear resistance level, Anti-slip coefficient, and pressure resistance. Mastering these points can basically tell the quality of PVC vinyl flooring. When purchasing, you should look at the test index provided and look at the actual product.

The type of PVC floor

Junior high schools, senior high schools, university towns, art colleges, and even kindergartens, various schools always have their own different needs. The PVC floor also has a special floor series for different areas:

A. School dance floor

The PVC dance floor has a scientific elastic buffering and friction coefficient, and the dance moves will not be disturbed by the venue’s defects. It can protect the dancers’ bone support structure and reduce the damage caused by intense movements for professional dancers.
PVC floor for dance room

B. Floor of the school multi-purpose hall

The use of PVC floor firstly has the effect of sound absorption and has a certain effect of reducing noise in the classroom and meeting place and the library.

C. Auditorium floor, gymnasium sports floor

To choose a special PVC sports floor, the professional PVC sports floor guarantees students’ safety.

D. The use of PVC flooring in the cascade classroom floor and staircase steps

They are the most effective anti-skid and noise-absorbing method. So PVC vinyl flooring is the better building material for education systems.