Is PVC floor fireproof? This question is what many consumers want to know. Today, we can answer this question from the fire safety of PVC flooring and the daily use of PVC flooring.

PVC floor fire test——Floor fire safety

Fire Test Standard GB8624-2006
Fire rating of building floor materials and products Test Data
Bf1 CHF≥8.0kw/m²
Fs≤150mm (within 20s)
Cf1 CHF≥4.5kw/m²
Fs≤150mm (within 20s)
Df1 CHF≥3.0kw/m²
Fs≤150mm (within 20s)
Ef1 Fs≤150mm (within 20s)
Ff1 No requirement

CHF means Critical radiant flux, critical flux (CF). In other words, the heat value that needs to be accepted when a fire occurs. Or the heat radiant flux at the farthest point that is automatically extinguished after being ignited for 30 minutes. Whichever is smaller, the result obtained is about the better.

FS means fire spread, burning length within 20 seconds.

Above all, PVC flooring basically all reaches the Bf1 fire rating. According to the Bf1 measurement method, we can know that PVC flooring is a non-flammable material. Moreover, it will quickly extinguish when it is passively ignited.

At present, China’s fire protection level testing for floor decoration materials is very high in the world, not only in the above two aspects but also in the detection of smoke production.

Grading main index comparison table

Flame retardant rating Standard CHF Smoke toxicity Content of smoke production
Germany B1 DIN4102-1 4.5 KW/M² Detect No detection
China B1 GB8624-1997 4.5 KW/M² Detect ≤750%*MIN
China Bf1 GB8624-2006 8.0 KW/M² Detect ≤750%*MIN
China Cfl GB8624-2006 4.5 KW/M² Detect ≤750%*MIN
China Dfl GB8624-2006 3.0 KW/M² Detect ≤750%*MIN

From the above table, you can clearly see the difference between the German B1 level, the Chinese B1 level, and the Chinese Bfl level.

Is PVC floor afraid of fire? — Precautions for the use of PVC floor

The results of the PVC floor fire proof in the fire test are excellent, but it is necessary to avoid cigarette butts burning.

Cigarette butts burn even if they leave burn marks on tiles, and the same is true on PVC flooring, so we must avoid this situation.

This is the same as the use of carpets. To have the softness and comfort of carpets, we must invest sufficient hygiene and fire prevention costs. The PVC vinyl floor only needs to pay attention to avoid burning cigarette butts.
pvc floor avoid cigarette burning