NON-DOP Homogeneous Flooring Solutions

Flooring trends are rapidly evolving. With new tech-innovations, many forms of flooring solutions are hitting the market. Non-DOP homogeneous flooring is one such type! The solutions are popular because of their enhanced appeal to aesthetic settings. Moreover, these also improve the functionality of your floor. With depth, the colours in non-DOP homogeneous flooring are bright and beautiful.

This blog offers some interesting aspects of non-DOP homogeneous vinyl flooring. It will help you acquire better utility on your commercial premises. 

Features of Non-DOP Homogeneous Flooring

While looking for homogeneous vinyl flooring, you get an option to buy non-directional and directional flooring sheets. The flooring is made of strong materials. For instance, vinyl chloride resin, plasticizers, stabilizers and more. Moreover, we can often see the size of these in 2×20 meter.

The surface has a PUR maintenance that enhances its performance against pollution and dirt. Non-DOP homogeneous flooring shows extremely flexible. Hence, it has better resilience and absolutely suitable for commercial buildings.

Non-DOP homogeneous floor

Here are some of the interesting features of these floorings. 

  1. Compact in character.
  2. Can choose from 20+ designs
  3. Made of sustainable material for environmental safety. 
  4. Proffers accelerated maintenance, both in terms of simplified cleaning as well as quickness. 
  5. Apt for healthcare units as they offer resistance against mildew and bacteria.  

The Efficiency of Non-DOP Homogeneous Flooring

There are multiple reasons for selecting non-DOP homogeneous flooring. The foremost feature is that they persist at a lower rate of water absorption. Also, they have enhanced density. This makes it quite sturdy and certainly enduring. The surface looks classy. Hence, it has a professional appeal. Through homogeneous Vinyl flooring, you can give an extra charm to your space.

Non-DOP homogeneous flooring offers better performance not just in the healthcare industry but also in various other commercial spaces. Its robustness prevents cracks and breakage, which might occur due to an object falling. While non-DOP homogeneous flooring is a little expensive, the investment deserves it.


Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Homogeneous vinyl flooring is made of a single layer and offers extreme comfort. These can be easily glued or welded to the sub-floor and that’s it! It is simple to install the non-DOP homogeneous flooring. And it offers extensive benefits. These floors are ideal, irrespective of the traffic. Usually, the floors are used for high-traffic areas. However, you can also deploy them in places, where cleaning requirements are stringent. The non-DOP homogeneous flooring reduces your cost of cleaning without hampering the life of the floor. 

As mentioned, homogeneous vinyl flooring is used in various applications. For instance, you can install them in pharmaceutical, education, health, offices etc. You can also deploy these in commercial complexes like shopping malls and other industries and locations. With this environmentally and accreditated materials, you choose a solution that keeps your space safe and hygienic.

These flooring solutions are popular due to their immense performance and better utility. If you are planning to build a commercial space, then this is it! Check out this flooring type and make your construction useful and durable.