Recently, the epidemic has spread in many areas in our country. Emergency construction of makeshift hospitals has begun in many places. Therefore we hope to receive confirmed patients promptly and curb the spread of the epidemic. Especially in Shanghai, the epidemic situation is more serious.

The largest makeshift hospital in Shanghai is located in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao).

The National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai Hongqiao) has eight exhibition halls. According to the conditions of each exhibition hall, our government plans to build one or two-story shelters in the exhibition halls. Hall3 and Hall4 cover an area of 52,000 square meters, with 6,748 designed beds, including 16 nurse stations and functional rooms for treatment, disposal, rescue and sanitary passage. Hall5 and Hall6 are to treat asymptomatic and mildly ill patients, with a total construction area of about 100,000 square meters, more than 12,000 beds, 40 nurse stations and functional rooms such as treatment rooms, first aid rooms, and sanitary passages. The makeshift hospital is going to provide around 40,000 beds.

Here are some pictures from the Shanghai makeshift hospitals :



From the picture, we can see that the makeshift hospital uses homogeneous flooring. So why are the makeshift hospitals using homogeneous flooring?

Let’s see its advantages:

Advantages 1:

Because when the construction of the isolation ward itself is short, the homogeneous vinyl flooring makes full use of its advantages: the installation speed is fast. The installation doesn’t need any sand or cement. And it is with just a few steps. It does not delay the work of other types of work. Besides these main advantages, the makeshift hospital homogeneous flooring has the function of antibacterial, acid and alkali resistance and can withstand the erosion of chemicals. And there will be no bacterial growth. Better protecting patients’ health.

Advantages 2:

The homogeneous vinyl flooring is waterproof and soundproof. It can block 20-25db of noise and bring a quiet environment for medical care and patients. The homogeneous vinyl flooring can reach B1 level fire prevention. It does not burn by itself and prevents burning. If we burn the homogeneous vinyl flooring, the smoke generated will not cause harm to the human body and will not produce suffocating toxic and harmful gases.


As a new type of floor material, makeshift hospital homogeneous flooring has been popularized for a long time. We can see it in various fields (hospitals, schools, cinemas, shopping malls, etc.). For more product information, please click this link or leave us a message via this link.

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