How to Choose Vinyl Flooring Color

Colors decorate the world, and different colors can bring a different mood.In the interior design, how to choose the right color?

In fact, we usually choose the color from the difference between the color hue and the color brightness of the decorative material.

It has different color choices in hue and brightness for homogeneous pvc flooring.Here are some tips.

Brightness principle

In the place of insufficient lighting, use a high-gloss color of the homogeneous flooring.

a place with insufficient lighting,bright color of the flooring is a good choice,and if the place is plenty of light,you can choose the color boldly.

Space setting principle

Areas with small space should use bright color to expand the visual effect;It is recommended to use thick and heavy colors with heavy feeling in areas with large space.

The brightly coloured floor has a dilated visual effect, while the cool and dark colours have a compressed visual effect.Areas such as corridors are usually narrow and long, using blue or white the bright colors will be a good choice.If the room is large and feeling empty,you may choose a thick color floor, it will add a lot of steady atmosphere, and make every inch of the ground look connotation.

Color psychology application principle

Different colors give different psychological implications.Space-compatible colors will increase the feeling of people’s happiness.

The room of aged people can be styled in soft, comfortable light brown homogeneous flooring.Give people a sense of stability, reliability and practicality;The children’s room floor can be matched with colorful and bright homogeneous floor to make the environment full of joy and fun.

Floor and wall matching principle

The floor and the wall are two aspects of the integration,contrast color with a distinctive style, feel refreshed;
Similar color combinations emphasize their common color or texture, and have a more intense style.