The aging of the world’s population is one of the major achievements of modern social development. Compared with a century ago, people now live much longer, which reflects the progress in medicine, nutrition, and technology. However, aging also poses major challenges and will become a major development issue in the 21st century. By 2050, almost 2 billion people will be 60 or older, and 80% will live in developing countries.

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The global demand for nursing homes is growing rapidly. Then, the flooring of the nursing home should consider the particular objects. Older people are generally weak, and they are easy to slip and fall. The flooring cannot be too hard or too soft. Therefore, the selection requirements of the flooring material of the nursing home should meet the following basic requirements:

Quiet environment
Comfortable foot feel
Clean and hygienic
Comfortable color
Odorless and fresh
Easy to maintain and clean, etc.


Choosing a PVC homogeneous flooring with a 2.0mm/3.0mm thickness can fully meet all the above requirements.

Data sheet of PVC Homogeneous flooring

Why should nursing homes choose PVC homogeneous flooring instead of ceramic tiles? We can also make a comparison:

1.The surface of the ceramic tile is smooth. If it is humid weather and the surface is stained with water, the ceramic tile will become remarkably smooth. People walking on it are most likely to slip and fall, and the risk of falling is even greater for older people. The PVC homogeneous flooring has undergone various anti-slip treatments, and the PVC homogeneous flooring has better buffering and impact resistance.

2.After the ceramic tile is laid, there will be a gap between the ceramic tiles, making it difficult to clean and hygienic the gap more thoroughly. This makes it easy for bacteria to grow in the gap, which may affect the elderly with poor resistance. Homogeneous vinyl flooring is a seamless welding. In addition to having no gaps for bacteria to grow, the overall beauty of the flooring can achieve a good effect.

nursing homes with homogeneous flooring


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