PVC Wall Coverings — Hospital Wall Decoration Materials

Hospitals are an essential part of our lives. Today, when the country is vigorously upgrading medical facilities, we can find that the decoration and facilities of hospitals are getting better and better. PVC wall coverings can be a good choice.

Why PVC wall coverings

In the decoration of hospitals, Chinese medicine pays special attention to the choice of floor materials for hospital wall decoration materials. Because there are so many patients in the hospital. A good convalescence environment must be provided to enable the patient to recover faster. There are many kinds of wall decoration materials for hospitals. Whatever they are, they must be comfortable. It can bring a good mood to patients. Now I recommend a healthy and environmentally friendly wall decoration material “PVC wall coverings”.
hospital wall covering

Features of PVC coverings

Use PVC coverings to decorate the wall surface, making the design and decoration close to life and more natural. Give people a comfortable mood, which is more conducive to recovery from illness. The PVC covering is wear-resistant and strong, not easy to corrode. Even if it encounters mildew and rain, it can be moisture-proof, and it is easy to take care of and clean up at ordinary times. In addition, it has a longer life.

Easy to install

The PVC wall decoration materials are easy to install. Moreover, the simple assembly can create a variety of assembly effects. The pillars, ceilings and other hospital places can be decorated with PVC coverings decoration materials. So it makes the environment more vibrant. At the same time, the PVC sheet is light and thin, which can also provide more spacious space.

PVC wall coverings decoration materials have created a new world of safety and environmental protection for the decoration industry. It improves the hospital’s quality.

Size: 30m (length)*2m (width)
Thickness: 1.0mm
Homogeneous type
PUR protected surface, easy to seam with welding rods, flexible and esay to cave in the corner.

Samples of PVC Wall Coverings

haoflor wall covering series