Homogeneous Vinyl Sheet Used as Cinema Floor

What kind of floors is good for the cinema floor? Wood floors, ceramic tiles, floor mats, and carpets all have some insufficient performance. Is it okay to use homogeneous PVC flooring? Can you guarantee hygiene, safety, fire prevention, and movie viewing experience?

Features of cinema floor

The hygiene of the movie theater floor is critical. The homogeneous vinyl sheet has the characteristics of stain resistance and easy cleaning.

Stain-resistant, seamless splicing + PUR surface treatment, various stains on the homogeneous flooring will not penetrate the floor’s interior, avoiding dirt residue, no peculiar smell, etc.
It is easy to clean. It is an unexpected thing that the movie theater floor gets dirty between film changes. But the PVC floor is easy to clean and can be handled easily. The theater must guarantee this at all times. The difficulty lies in the fact that the hall may encounter sanitary conditions between the change of movie scenes. Moreover, they need to be cleaned immediately. It is the easiest way to deal with this situation with the anti-fouling property of the homogeneous vinyl sheet’s surface structure. The better part is that it is seamlessly spliced and used for a long time. In addition, the floor does not hide dirt.

Ceramic tiles are also stain-resistant and easy to clean. The reason why the homogeneous vinyl sheet is recommended is more than that. Generally speaking, anti-slip and anti-fouling are opposite attributes such as ceramic tiles, anti-slip bricks, etc. Homogeneous vinyl flooring can consider the anti-skid. What’s more, it is safe to walk under weak light.

cinema floor

Advantages of homogeneous vinyl sheet

There are also many other advantages for the cinema to use homogeneous vinyl sheet.
1. The fireproof requirements of materials in public places. The fireproof test of homogeneous vinyl flooring reaches Bf1 level, which is a flame retardant floor;
2. The homogeneous vinyl flooring is wear-resistant and has a long service life. It has a reputation in kindergartens, hospitals, and other popular fields;
3. More benefits include the light-weight feature for reducing the burden on the modified stepped seats, the elastic feature for the sound absorption role for the movie viewing experience.