The difference between

homogeneous vinyl sheet & conductive vinyl sheet

For hospital projects, clients usually may ask for two kinds of vinyl flooring: homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring and conductive vinyl sheet.

They are all homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring. Homogeneous means it is the same quality material from the surface to the thickness of the entire floor(from the surface to the bottom).

homogenueus structure

What’s the difference between these two kinds of flooring? There are five main differences:

Application places

Though they can all be used in hospitals, the homogeneous vinyl sheet is usually used in the hospital lobby, corridor, ward.

homogeneous flooring used inlobby, corridor, ward

The conductive vinyl sheet is usually used in the operation rooms, x-ray rooms, and labs with precise instruments.

conductive vinyl sheet in hospital x-ray rooms


They are all the same homogeneous structure. The conductive vinyl sheet has a permanent anti-static structure with conductive granules throughout the entire floor, but the homogeneous vinyl sheet does not have this structure. Conductive particles are uniformly distributed on the based layer, ensure a stable index, and do not decay. This structure determines the scope of its application.

Usually, we can measure the electronic resistance data of the ESD floor to test whether it is qualified. Pls see it under the standard SJ/T11236 EN1081:

Items Electronic Resistance
ESD VINYL SHEET Conductive:1.0×10^4Ω~1.0×10^6Ω
Static Dissipative:1.0×10^6Ω~1.0×10^9Ω
Homogeneous Vinyl Sheet No conductive function: more than 10^10Ω



More test questions welcome to contact us or visit the test video:


conductive backing structures for floor

Color Difference

There are many color collections for homogeneous vinyl flooring, but conductive color collections are less.

Please see the popular collection of our TITANVINYL:

Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring U-SHINE, MARIA, PREMIUM, CRYSTAL, SPRIT
Conductive Viny Sheet SHIELD ESD (SHIELD 800)



Due to the conductive function of the conductive vinyl sheet, its price is more expensive than homogeneous vinyl flooring.


Homogeneous vinyl sheets and conductive vinyl sheets are different floorings, so the difference in installation. We usually use conductive adhesive, and we also use the copper strip for conductive vinyl flooring installation.

Normal flooring adhesive will be ok for homogeneous vinyl sheets, and its installation will be easier.

Here are the installation videos for these two floorings as reference:

Installation video of homogeneous vinyl sheets:


Installation video of conductive vinyl sheets: