Homogeneous Flooring Skirting

Compared with resident vinyl flooring, the installation requirements of commercial vinyl flooring are much higher. It has higher requirements on the ground and environment, installation accessories are also more professional.

For the general installation process of homogeneous vinyl flooring, check out the video: Homogeneous Flooring Installation. Here we introduce the application about homogeneous vinyl flooring skirting.

Preparation before installing skirting

  • Clean the corner of the wall
  • Ensure the flatness of the wall
  • Ensure the wall is dry and free of dust, grease and oil
  • All painted wall surfaces must be stripped back
  • Draw the horizontal line according to installation height

There are mainly two types of skirting materials for homogeneous flooring, one is aluminum alloy material, the other one is PVC material.

Aluminum skirting

In actual installation of homogeneous vinyl flooring, the most common way is to lay vinyl sheet to the wall directly, use sheet itself as the skirting. It requires the use of aluminum skirting, both separated and integrated types are widely used.

1.Separated type aluminum skirting

Consists of bottom “U” Cove Former and top aluminum part, height can be determined as required.

homogeneous vintl flooring skirting aluminum skirting

2.Integrated type aluminum skirting

Integrated type with certain height, simplify the skirting installation process

homogeneous vintl flooring skirting aluminum skirting

PVC skirting

If vinyl flooring is not laid to the wall directly, then PVC skirting can be used, which is easy to install.

PVC Vinyl Flooring Skirting

PVC Vinyl Flooring Skirting