Conductive Flooring for Laboratories — You Need To Know

Laboratories are no less than a kitchen in a scientific facility. It’s important to check every single aspect of it with utmost precision. You need to add a strong flooring type that mitigates the risk. You might come across certain regulations about laboratory flooring. However, the thing of utmost importance is that you need to find something which meets the requirements of your laboratory floors. Conductive flooring for laboratories is the best solution in the town. This article will help you know what are conductive floors and why they are apt for laboratories. Let’s get started.

What are Conductive Floors?

Conductive floors are the floor with the capacity to resist 1 million OHMs. Conductive flooring for laboratories will help you reduce the charge generation and further enhance the dissipation. However, that’s not all. The conductive floor is apt for the ESD environment. It is grounded with the ground through a copper strip in order to transfer the charge. There is a multitude of uses of conductive flooring. Here is the list,

  • Operation Theatres having flammable anesthetics.
  • Server Rooms & equipment rooms in manufacturing units along with other areas.
  • Tele-communication rooms with electronic equipment.
  • Clean Rooms having sensitive equipment.
  • Pharmaceutical rooms having sensitive chemicals and equipment.
  • And of course, conductive flooring for laboratories in all these facilities.

conductive flooring

How to choose the flooring?

Are you thinking about how to choose the right conductive flooring for your laboratory? Well, here is the answer. You need to see certain traits and features in flooring. You must check two factors i.e. hygiene requirements and ease of cleaning. Conductive flooring for laboratories needs to be strong. Although, you must also check application requirements. Here are certain things you would like to have in your conductive flooring for laboratories.

  • These floors must be abrasion-resistant and should have enough capacity to bear heavy loads.
  • The flooring needs to be durable. It is necessary to prevent puncture from sharp objects.
  • Floors must have stain/liquid resistance. Although, if they lack this feature, there would be a chance of accidents in space.
  • Must be hygienic, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial.
  • ESD properties and the ability to manage temperature is certainly important.
  • Chemical Resistance

conductive flooring2

Vinyl Conductive Flooring For Laboratories

There are many options in the market, however, considering the requirements, Vinyl flooring suits the best. Vinyl has excellent sturdiness and durability. It is made of PVC and is further environmentally safe. It has ESD features to solve your requirement of having a conductive flooring for laboratories. The best of all is that it’s certainly cost-effective in comparison to other flooring options. You can get Vinyl tiles as well as flooring sheets. It has a pleasant appeal and looks perfect in a commercial setting. It is the best blend of utility and practicality. Having all the features in-built, you can effortlessly get it installed.

So, that was all about conductive flooring for laboratories. Choosing Vinyl conductive floors is certainly beneficial. It offers perfect utility while giving absolute performance. Get this exclusive flooring option today and make your way to the best products.