What kind of conductive adhesive(anti-static glue) is used for anti-static flooring or static dissipative sheet PVC flooring?
Titanvinyl recommends and can assist in purchasing M720D conductive glue(adhesive) for the conductive antistatic PVC vinyl flooring.

1. Introduction of M720D conductive adhesive:

M720D conductive adhesive

1.1 Technique Specification:

Product Name: M720D conductive PVC tiles adhesive

Component CAS No. Concentration(weight%)
Acrylic emulsion 25085-34-1 70
Carbon fibre 5
Water 7732-18-5 25

Colour: Grey

PH: 7-8

Spreading rate:120-180g/㎡

Waiting time: about 5~ 10minutes (depending on humidity and temperature)

Construction time: within30~60minutes after the completion of the waiting time

(depending on humidity and temperature)

Shelf life: 12months

Load time: ≥72h

Density: 1.1kg/L

Bleeder resistor: lower than 1×10^6Ohm

Packing details: 20kgs/barrel

1.2 Storage:

Keep away from fire, heat, and smoking in the workplace.

Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse for the conductive adhesive(anti-static glue) M720D.

It should be stored separately from oxidants, reducing agents, halogens, etc., and should not be mixed.

1.3 Features of performance:

*Stable quality bonding, durable resilience

*contain the conductive fibre

*working time is long


*Easy application, high coverage rate.

*Good initial tack

loading of conductive glue M720D

Application Instruction:

  • Make sure the floor is clean, dry, smooth and without sand booming.
  • This product does not need to mix water. Stir the product thoroughly before use
  • Please use the B3 to spread glue uniformly on the substrate. According to the working temperature and humility, wait about 5-10min, the substrate is ready to lay the flooring and use the cork to press the flooring.
  • After the flooring material is applied to the substrate, press the surface with 50kg pressure roller to achieve a uniform effect, the sheet flooring should be flat and avoid stretching.

Substrate Treatment:

The surface should be clean, dry, flat, durable, with no structural damage, strongly resist compression, bending strength, and no oil.

projects of conductive adhesive for antistatic vinyl flooring


Here we recommend the best construction environment is above 15degree and lower than 75% about humidity.

Don’t pour the adhesive into the sewer and drain.

We should seal the unused adhesive and we can clean the tools with water.


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