Common Types of Floor Decoration Materials

There are many materials used for floor decoration, luxurious ones such as granite and high-grade wooden floors, and simple ones such as ordinary cement floors. This article will show you some kinds of the commonly used floor decoration materials.

1. Ceramic tile

A. Glazed tiles

Refers to ceramic tiles with a glaze layer on the surface of the brick. This kind of brick is divided into two categories: one is fired with clay. It must be glazed because of its high water absorption. Another is fired with porcelain clay, and glaze is also burned to pursue a decorative effect. This tile has a dense structure, high strength, low water absorption, strong anti-pollution. At the same time, the price is slightly lower than that of clay-fired tiles. This kind of glazed tile is soft, gorgeous, smooth, and highly decorative. This kind of porcelain clay-fired glazed tile is currently widely used in household decoration.

B. Whole-body brick

This is a kind of unglazed porcelain tile. The whole brick’s texture and tone are the same. It has good anti-slip and abrasion resistance. Generally speaking, what we call ‘anti-slip floor tiles’, mostly it is a full-body brick. Because the price of this kind of brick is moderate, it is trendy. Among them, the beautiful pattern of ‘bleeding all-body brick’ is even more admirable. However, the whole body brick does not have as many gorgeous colors as glazed tiles. More solemn and vigorous.

C. Polished tiles

The whole body brick becomes polished brick after being polished. This kind of brick has higher hardness. It means that it is very wear-resistant and more practical.

D. Vitrified brick

Vitrified tile is a kind of high-temperature fired porcelain tile which is the hardest variety of all ceramic tiles. It is harder than polished tiles. Sometimes when the polished tiles are scratched, the vitrified tiles are still intact. However, the price of bricks is higher. There is no need to use it in home decoration.  Above all, we can use it in public decoration where there is a lot of traffic.

2. Carpet — most common types of floor

A. Natural materials: wool, silk, hemp, grass
Carpets is the most common types of floor decoration. Pure wool carpets have soft feet, good elasticity and luster, and high prices. Pure wool carpets can be divided into two types: hand-woven and machine-woven. Hand-woven carpets have beautiful patterns, bright colors, thick texture, durable and machine-woven. Flat, shiny, elastic, and soft on the feet. In short, wool carpet is the top quality of the carpet, which is expensive, and the foot feels very soft and comfortable.

B. Man-made materials: nylon, polypropylene
Chemical fiber carpet is made of nylon fiber, polypropylene fiber, polyester fiber and other chemical fibers as raw materials. Process the fiber into surface fabric by weaving, tufting and other methods. Then compound the backing. We divide chemical fibers into tufted carpets, needled carpets, woven chemical fiber carpets, hand-woven chemical fiber carpets, and printed and dyed carpets. The chemical fiber carpet is bright in color, strong and durable, easy to maintain. People can clean them easily. It feels rough and hard and has poor elasticity.

3. Plastic floor

A. Plastic floor tiles
It is a semi-rigid polyvinyl chloride block plastic floor, and its colors are monochrome and garland.

B. Plastic floor leather
It is a PVC-coiled plastic floor with a base material. It is composed of a base material, an intermediate layer, and a surface wear-resistant layer. The floor leather elasticity is better than that of the plastic floor tile, and it has a certain sound absorption, heat preservation, and cold protection effect. The floor leather is not thick, and after a long period of time, there will be bulging, cracking, scratches, and rolled up.

4. Stone

A. Artificial stone: terrazzo plate, artificial marble, artificial granite
B. Natural stone: slate stone
Stone is the leading category of luxury floor decorations. It is natural, deep, luxurious. In adddition, it is not afraid of scratches. However, it is expensive and has a long installation period.

5. Resilient floor

A. Stone plastic sheet flooring
B. Linoleum floor
C. PVC flooring (Vinyl flooring)
D. Rubber floor
Compared with other materials, elastic flooring has the following advantages: safety and environmental protection. The selected production materials and special glue have eliminated the substances harmful to environment. The whole process from production to installation and use is pollution-free which makes the living space more healthy and comfortable. Good thermal conductivity. With sound insulation and sound absorption effect.

PVC Vinyl Floor

6. Floor mats

A. Nylon sand scraping pad
Using special high-performance nylon fiber and a new spinning method. It not only provides a beautiful appearance but also has super-strong sand scraping and water removal ability. In short, a universal outdoor and indoor floor mat.

B. Carpet type absorbent pad
The carpet-type absorbent pad has a unique double structure of large and small fibers. The large fibers scrape off the mud and dust, and the small fibers absorb water. This type of floor has a variety of colors to match the interior floor design.

C. Z-shaped floor mat
The Z-shaped floor mat has a unique Z-shaped open structure, which is easy to clean by scraping mud and sand. Moreover, the mat surface is flat, convenient for trolleys to pass wear-resistant and long-life.

D. Aluminum alloy floor mat
The aluminum alloy floor mat has a strong supporting aluminum alloy strip. A soft and strong tensile steel wire rope. In addition, the liner improves durability. The dual-fiber fabric, small fibers absorb water, and large fibers scrape away deposits, while providing an excellent luxurious appearance and excellent performance.

E. Floor mats for work area
After research, a series of performance mats suitable for each work area’s different requirements help improve workplace conditions, thereby making workers safer and more comfortable while fulfilling special performance requirements. Anti-fatigue mat products are used to reduce labor injury and occupational hazards, oil-absorbing mat products used in oily work areas, and viscous cleaning mats used in high-clean environments such as clean and entrances and exits of sterile rooms.

F. Anti-slip stickers
The metal non-slip particle surface of the non-slip sticker can provide a higher coefficient of friction, significantly enhance walking safety, reduce the risk of slipping and falling. It is easy to install, easy to maintain, and has a long service life.