Class 100 Laminar Operating Room — Anti-bacterial & Anti-static Floor


The floor of the 100 level laminar operating room plays an important role in the operating room’s sterility and anti-static requirements. The primary consideration is antibacterial and anti-static. Select the homogeneous ESD vinyl flooring for the antibacterial floor.
If you have been to the hospital for a consultation, you should notice that the word “operating room” is often prefixed with some info, such as Class 100, 1000 or 10000 laminar flow.
So what is a laminar flow operating room? How to choose laminar flow operating room? Today Linda will tell you the history of the laminar operating room.

History of laminar flow operating room

In the first half of the 19th century, wound infections’ frequent occurrence brought many complications to surgical operations. It turned the initially successful treatment into catastrophic results. Although antibiotics have saved many lives, persistent wound infection was still the biggest problem in medicine, especially in field hospitals.
To solve this problem, the famous British surgeon Joseph List began to introduce the disinfection system into the hospital. After surgery, the survival rate rise. And the patient can recover in a short time without complications. Steam sterilization and rubber gloves are used in surgical operations. To minimize the surgical infection rate to ensure the success of the operation.
In this way, the laminar flow operating room came out. It adopts different microbial pollution control degrees to achieve clean air in a controlled space environment. Besides, it provides patients with suitable temperature and humidity to create a clean and comfortable operating space environment.

Then, the laminar flow operating room has become a major revolution in the development of the operating room. It raise the success rate of surgery to a new level.

The class of laminar flow operating room

According to my country’s Ministry of Construction “Hospital Clean Operation Department Building Technical Specifications”, laminar flow operating rooms are divided into high and low levels. The air’s cleanliness, it includes five groups: one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, and one hundred thousand. So is the higher the number, the higher the level? Take a look at Table 1, and you may understand.

laminar flow

From Table 1, we can see that the 100-level laminar operating room is better than 1,000, 10000, 100000, 300000 in terms of microbial pollution and air cleanliness in the space environment. Meanwhile, operating rooms of different levels apply for different types of surgery.

operating room of different levels

Difference between laminar flow operating room and traditional operating room

In short, what are the difference between the 100-level laminar operating room and the traditional operating room?

After learning the laminar flow operating room, let’s look at the class 100 laminar operating room floor. The operating room floor of the hundred-level laminar flow plays an important role in the operating room environment’s sterility and anti-static requirements. So the primary consideration for the selection is anti-bacterial and anti-static / conductive.

A: Hundred-level laminar operating room grade antibacterial floor

The choice is the conductive vinyl sheet, namely the homogeneous vinyl floor (PVC floor). The hundred-level laminar flow operating room means a particularly clean operating room. Meanwhile, the operating room floor selected has the highest requirements in terms of hygiene and antibacterial. That is to say, the floor itself require to be dust-free. Therefore, it will not absorb or attach dust to achieve the effect of inhibiting the spread of bacteria. In terms of cleanliness, it should have the performance of easy cleaning and maintenance and durability characteristics to maintain the operating room’s efficient use.

B: Anti-static — an important factor to consider for the floor

If anti-static is not put correctly, it can lead to various electrostatic damages. Cause dust and bacteria pollution in the operating room. The operating room’s static electricity hazard entered people’s eyes. With the improvement of related agents, the static electricity hazard content in the operating room has changed. At present, summarize the operating room’s static electricity hazards as follows. Instantaneous high-voltage current generation and the destruction of static electricity to the antibacterial ability of the operating room.
The 100-level laminar flow operating room adopts the ESD vinyl sheet because the ESD vinyl sheet has the most durable and stable anti-static / conductive effect. Guarantee the safety and reliability of the operating room in two aspects.

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