Best Choice for Kindergarten Flooring

Kindergarten flooring is different from ordinary flooring, it requires that flooring reduce collision damage. This is important for kids. Then what kind of flooring is widely in kindergarten?

Kindergarten Vinyl Flooring Green Color

Kindergarten is a special place different from other ordinary schools. Children who study and live in kindergarten are very young kids. Homogeneous vinyl flooring are widely used in kindergartens, as it meet the following conditions:

Resilient & cushioning

Homogeneous vinyl flooring has a unique elastic foam layer structure. In addition, it feels comfortable to step on it. Flooring can deeply reduce the pressure caused by the feet, legs, and feet of the human body for a long time. Especially for children’s accidental fall, it can provide a great buffering effect to reduce the degree of damage to the human body. It also absorbs the impact of falling fragile items on the ground.

Environmental friendly

The raw material of vinyl flooring is PVC material, it do not release of formaldehyde and harmful gases must never be allowed. It also does not contain halogen, heavy metals, volatile plasticizers, etc.

Antibacterial & easy to clean

There is a special UV layer material on the surface of homogeneous vinyl flooring, it can prevent the entry of various bacteria and microorganisms. The floor surface is smooth and tidy, and it is very convenient to clean and maintain. Floor is anti-static and non-vacuum, even if a child crawls on the ground, skin contact with the ground will not affect it.

Kindergarten Flooring Green Color

Excellent sound insulation

The unique structure of vinyl flooring also makes it an excellent sound and noise insulation material. Floor likes a muffler, when children play, it can reduce the noise of footsteps and the noise of heavy objects, absorb the sound conducted in the air, and give the kindergarten a peaceful educational environment.

Kindergarten Flooring Yellow Color

Thermal insulation

The energy saving effect of vinyl flooring is very good, which can reduce the cost of usage. Vinyl flooring has uniform heat dissipation, small thermal expansion coefficient, and stable size. It can quickly spread the temperature of heating evenly in winter to keep the room warm. When the air conditioner is turned on in the summer, it can effectively prevent the cold air from dissipating and keep the room cool.

Kindergarten Flooring Yellow Color

Non-slip & fire resistance

Homogeneous vinyl flooring has anti-slip properties, the more astringent it gets when it encounters water, it has limited protection against slipping. It is also waterproof and moisture-proof, will not be damaged by mildew in humid environments. Moreover, it has excellent fire resistance performance can reach class B1.

Rich choice of patterns

The vinyl flooring has a variety of patterns&colors that children like. With rich colors, designers can have more choices to make ideal designs, making the kindergarten more dynamic.

Kindergarten Vinyl Flooring