Anti-iodine Homogeneous Vinyl Sheet Pvc Floor

Haoflor anti-iodine homogeneous vinyl sheet pvc floor is a through-rolled floor with pressure treatment and non-directional pattern design. It has many color collections and very suitable for various designs. We have special treatment for the surface layer, a unique UV laser penetration technology of haoflor, and provides excellent scratch resistance and chemical resistance properties (e.g. anti pollution of chemical reagents such as iodine wine, red medicine or hand sanitizer). It is a leading technology in current homogeneous vinyl flooring.

Anti-iodine Homogeneous Vinyl Sheet


Homogeneous vinyl sheet is a kind of homogeneous material floor with pressuried treatment. After treatment, the color particles and natural mixture are evenly distributed in the floor, then we pressure and densify the surface layer, and it can achieve the effects of improving abrasion resistance and easy maintenance.  We also use Polyurethane (PUR) technology to strengthen the surface treatment, and PUR technology makes the maintenance much more easier.

Rich colors

We haoflor has many many colors collections, such as U-SHINE, MARIA, PREMIUM etc. It can not only meet the needs of professional industry, but also meet various design requirements.

Or if you have target colors, our R&D team will provide solutions accordingly.

(how to choose the color, welcome to visit this article: )

homogeneous vinyl floor

homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring


Let’s see some features of using the homogeneous pvc floor:

  • Anti bacteria, anti mildew, anti-corrosion and anti-skid
  • wear resistance reaches T level( suitable for places with large flow of people and areas with frequent use of chemicals and dirtiness)
  • Strong barriers against pollution
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and pollution (hospital, labrotory can consider this floor)
  • No waxing for life, more convenient maintenance and minimal impact on the environment
  • Comfortable walking (good choice for health care system)
  • Sound insulation( better use in library sytem etc)

homogeneous pvc flooring for hospital

Special advantages for environment

Now more and more people care the environmental health issues when doing decoration. Bad materials will discharge waste, affect people’s health, and even some contain carcinogens. So choosing a safe eco-friendly flooring is very important. Our homogeneous vinyl sheet has no DOP, no heavy metals, no benzene, no formaldehyde. After 28 days, the TVOC emission detection value is less than 100 μg / m3, and 100% meets EU REACH regulations, a very healthy material. It is suitable for medical, educational, commercial, industrial, transportation, sports and office use.

vinyl sheet flooring